It is too bad that the "lomography" folks have kinda besmirched the name of the LOMO factory in St Petersburg. The Original factory made a wide range of cameras in the former Soviet union, many of them in what we would call the "popular price" range. A SMELMA used to be available for 20 bucks and it is a great little manual plastic 35mm Point and shoot. .

Camera Pedia also have the history of the factory, and it makes clear that Cameras were only a sideline...

Do it yourself Movie makers will also be familar with the LOMO developing tanks that can take up to 50 feet of 16 or 35mm Film.

The Lomography folks did start our with the LOMO copy of the MINOX 35, which does scope high on the cuteness scale but they now build their versions in China or elesewhere.


My sense of adventure has resulted in buying a few rolls and attempting to figure out the source. Some is of Chinese manuafcture, some from Foma, and at least the 35mm Lady Grey I bought was definatly a Kodak Product. (although with edge printing that just says B&W 400 ) Yes they do sell their film as a much higher price than the main stream suppliers. and yes they do emphasise the sort of defects that make many or us Cringe. BUT they do raise awareness in the mind of the public that film is alive and well, and is perhaps more interesting than a quick grap from a cell Phone camera.