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I've got 5 rolls of Double-X on the way. Spoke to Hewes in the UK, and they can supply most everything for 70mm. They even have a loader for their 70mm spirals. Any idea if this "loader" (doesn't look like a bulk loader), could be used to load cassettes?

Wait they have a daylight loading tank for their 70mm reels?? Are you sure?

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The Hewes loader is a spiral loader not a cassette loader. It holds the spiral and has a tongue to put a little curl in the film so that it goes into the metal spiral neatly.

What did they quote for a spiral+tank ?
Wait this helps to load 70mm into the spiral once it's shot? So I don't end up skipping tracks and get film stuck together preventing the chemical from developing properly in some spots? Is that what it's for? I DEFINITELY need one!


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