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Okay that's one vote for not caring about the environment. Anyone else?

For the record most great capitalists aren't innovative inventors. They just know how to take the work of the true innovators and inventors and manipulate the patent, copyright, and legal system to their advantage. Never make the mistake of thinking just because someone has seven+ figures in their bank account they have provided mankind with some astonishing useful innovative idea/product. Please understand I was by no means saying the people flogging $200 plastic cameras invented spontaneous creative film photography. No, what they invented was the idea you needed to spend $300+ to do what $20, a DSLR lens you already own, and a little imagination could accomplish with a used Canon/Nikon body off of ebay. And when you point this fact out to people you get called a "snob." Figure that one out.
No, you misunderstood. What I'm trying to tell you is that the company "Lomography" capitalized on the concept of lomography. Some of the people said, "Hey, we might be able to make some money off this!" and tried.

EDIT: TO make this perfectly clear, lomography as an art form was around before Lomography the company was.

I'm not really going to say poo to *anyone* who makes new film cameras. I mean, you could actually say the same about the new Fuji folder and the new Voigtlander rangefinders: they cause people to buy new cameras instead of the older ones that are just as good.

The thing is: they're not keeping anyone from buying used cameras. It all started out with people buying cheap cameras on Ebay and learning that, hey, this is pretty cool. In fact, used cameras are becoming more and more popular, and not to mention prices are going up on some of the best ones, including the Nikon and Canon bodies.

As to the whole 'environment' thing, developing film isn't really all that great for it, either, especially in large amounts. So...that entire point is moot.