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Actually Stone, I would be happy to teach someone how to do it for $1M. But, I would not produce any commercial runs and the lab would have to be set up beforehand with equipment and chemicals to my specification. That latter would not be included in the $1M of course, or I would spend the $1M myself just setting up!

You understand that, right?

Edit: After seeing all the hype about tax increases in 2013, I would like to add that the $1M that I would get would be after taxes.

You understand that as well, right?

Actually, after this thread I'm beginning to see your point about some of these threads.

OTOH, threads remembering Kodachrome and talking about what we've shot with it, maybe sharing images, that seems cool and appropriate to me. But it seems the "yes it's possible to do it by hand" should read "it's possible, barely, to process it manually" and requires a rather generous definition of "possible."