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Bought some of this paper a few weeks ago. Began testing it last eve. There are black marks in straight, mechanical lines across the prints (11 x 14) that are not unlike inkjet printer marks where the rollers of the printer have become contaminated and produce straight, mechanical lines across the print, including the border areas (under the easel leaves). These black marks extend the the entirety of the width of the 11 x 14. They are not always in exactly the same place but generally so. There are several lines, not just one.
Ouch! I bought a pack of the 11x14 just before Fotokimeka folded, but haven't opened it. I'm guarding it jealously since I only have the one pack in 11x14 and the remains of my pack of 8x10. Maybe I should make at least one test print just to be sure this isn't a batch problem and I don't have bad paper too. That would really be...unpleasant. But it's only a 10 sheet pack.

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Knowing Eric at Freestyle suggests that you will have a rapid and correct resolution of any issues regarding the paper.

Let us know how things work out.

They'll probably credit you for the paper, but that doesn't help get any more. That's assuming it's the white stuff - the grey it looks like they still have in stock.