Huh? Nan Ru? Yeah, we'll get to her in a moment. Right now these garlic peanuts I'm eating have me wondering just how many people in this crowd have never had the pleasure of this sort of indulgence. You’ll find these nuts at the Asian supermarkets. Look for the Farmer Brand. Somebody in Bayonne, NJ is the distributor for the East and someone in Burlingame, CA is the distributor for Western America. The peanuts originate in China (where they are grown and processed), but a company in Singapore actually sells them. It strikes me this is an insanely circuitous route for something as simple and inexpensive as a peanut. There is a drawing of a grinning but sinister-looking Chinese man on the front of the sack (who looks a lot more like Larry Storch than a Chinese man come to think of it). He’s wearing some strange sandals and carrying a hoe over his shoulder and a bunch of peanuts in his other hand. If you like peanuts, I give them my unreserved stamp of approval. If you really want to relish the garlic flavor, eat the shells, too. That's right, just put the whole peanut (shell and all) in your mouth and eat it. Don't worry...I've done this all my life, and normally it won't hurt you. Or at least you should recover in time and with proper attention. They also have Nan Ru flavored peanuts. I’m not certain who Nan is, but the taste makes me think slightly of shoe polish, soap or a mixture of that and tomatoes roasted over smoldering tires, and I really can’t imagine what they might have soaked them in to get that flavor. A Chinese substitute for Ipecac, maybe? The peanuts are pink...I mean really pink. For all I know, Nan Ru in Chinese means “Slight Nuclear Energy Problem.” Disclaimer: If you search Farmer Brand Garlic Peanuts in Google, you may see further down on page 1 some warnings, but I’d just ignore them. They go back a few years, and it was probably just an upset competitor spreading gossip.

So by now you may have decided this probably wasn't Nan Ru's Nikon FE. But maybe it was. Anyway this FE is very nice. I've owned it for several years, but I haven't used it in a while. It does show average wear, especially on the bottom plate (scratches and bright marks). But that won't bother you, will it? Of course not. Here, have a few more peanuts. Remember, eat the whole thing and chew several times before you swallow. The camera has been resealed and everything seems to still be working just as it should (nice smooth film advance, fine meter, auto function works well, battery check light works and the shutter speeds seem fine). The lens is a Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8 (not Series E), and is clear and in nice condition. There is a bit of "wiggle" in the focus ring, but it has always been that way and never bothered me nor the pictures, and Nan didn't seem to mind it either. In fact I never had any trouble with this camera, and I'm willing to bet you won't either. I'll include a lens cap. $75 plus actual postage...Cyber Monday special

PayPal ok for international sales but check/cash/money order for domestic sales please.

If questions, please ask.