I don't know. You seem to assume that these people are stupid. On the contrary, I assure you that they aren't. A lot of them develop their own film because labs are few and far between who cross process. Also, when buying from the site they're assured a camera that works as opposed to the utter crapshoot that most of the older Russian cameras are on Ebay.

The reason that you're getting flack is that you seem to be mixing up the corporate entity that supplies film and such with the actual photography movement which is just a bunch of people having fun taking photographs. The majority of the people doing lomography aren't buying the cameras new from Lomography. You can get most of the lower end cameras on Ebay from the countries in which they're manufactured readily and all you have to do is search for the camera you want to see that. However, there are some that are exclusive (the Debonair for one, and the improved-upon Holga and LC-A). However, I'm not going to tell someone how to spend their money.