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Stephanie my main developer is Rodinal and I do a lot of stand developing. The MOST developer I use for developing a roll of film is 4mL. I use a tap water stop bath. I reuse my fixer. I am currently researching local places I can dump of my fixer for silver recovery. I wash my film based on progressively lengthening soaking times not continuous flow. I do my final rinse in distilled water and I only use a few drops of photo flo. I have no recollection of the last time I even bought photo flo. It's probably been a couple of years since I bought new Rodinal. I don't mix up gallons of developer, stop bath, and fixer. There are very common sense ways you can minimize your impact on the environment and still enjoy this hobby. And frankly my routine is very economical. It's not just some tree hugger fantasy.

I am not familiar with the new Fuji folder and the Voigtlander rangefinders. I haven't seen them at Urban Outfitters nor have I seen them written up as having any kind of major impact on the film market. I am not sure about the quality of the Fuji folder and the Voigtlander. There is something to be said for purchasing new. A brand new shutter, warranty and available parts are nice. My problem with lomography.com is the products are far inferior to what is available in the used market and the prices are far in excess. I mean if you already own a digital setup you can buy canon bodies on eprey and if they eventually break just buy a new one. I just struggle to make sense of this situation. It is marketing genius, but surely you can't say it is much more than that. Are there some seasoned photographers that make a conscious informed decision to experiment? Sure. But that isn't the bulk of their clientele. You can't honestly tell me that the average person when in possession of all the unvarnished facts would choose to buy a Lomography.com camera. That and the wastefulness are the main drivers of my concern. Why not have an honest conversation? When you criticize this marketing campaign why do people say you only like Leica and you are a "snob?" It's very strange. I can complain about the weather and no one says a peep. I say a disparaging word about the marketers at lomography.com and I get called very name in the book. Why?
I can't for the life of me figure out why in the hell anyone would shoot tiny crappy little inch square negatives and soup it in the grainiest developer on the planet. For not much more you could be pounding out razor sharp 8x10 contact prints with no apparent grain, and unreal tonality, like I do. I guess you are a victim of marketing.