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There is not enough agreeing in the world to express my agreement here.

If we can be honest about ourselves for just a moment.... How many of you NOT seen an image of naked human in pre-puberty years? (and not think much of them until our parents started freaking out?) How many of us NOT actively seek for images of naked human in adolescent years and enjoy them when one was found? OK.... Now, how many of us not remember seeing private parts in about the same time frame? And.... we all grew up as a normal and productive citizen?

Who among us think today's children (if you have a family, your children) have not seen naked bodies already and few dozen times already at least?

So.... who's protecting whom from what? I think we are making way too big deal about something that is so abundant and quite possibly a very normal human behavior and development process.

I'm quite in agreement with Stephanie agreeing with JBRUNNER. Way too much pretending going on, me thinks? Do any of us honestly think any of the images on APUG will actually harm ANYONE?