Well gang (you too Steven) it looks like this Sat might be a decent day after all - not great, but OK. Whiteymorange has chosen a gate just south of the junction of Rte's 202 & 122 and across from the road that leads to Lake Matawa (or as we used to call it as kids... "Lake Matawawa!!").
I may have to drop my daughter off at her school to meet the bus for the Western Mass track meet. I should be able to get up to the location at about 8:00 am or so.
If we set the meet time for 8:00 to 8:30 am that should give us plenty of time for discovery and photography.
From Rte 2 - go south on Rte 202 and just past the intersection of 202 & 122, about a mile or less, and on the left is the gate where we can meet. The road to Lake Matawawa is on the right.
From the Mass Pike - take the Ludlow exit, turn right (north) onto Rte 21. Take 21 to 202 and turn left (north again) and drive for about 45 minutes or so. After that amount of time, you will see a sign for the road to Lake Matawa. Heading north, that road is on your left. If you reach the intersection of 202 & 122, just turn around and head back. You can't miss the gate.
From Rte 91 - (1) heading north... take the Rte 202 exit in Holyoke (remeber it is pronounced "Whole-yoke") and head north... follow the above directions. (2) heading south, you take Rte 2 east to 202 south or take Rte 9 east in Northampton to Rte 202 and then head north following the above directions.
Dan... I assume that you know how to get to Rte 202 from Amherst.
Sorry for the last minute nature of this... I was a little preoccupied with an exhibition to set up for some kind of photo conference that occurred last weekend and the weather (you just gotta love New England weather!!!! ) hasn't been to cooperative lately.
If any one has any questions, please send me a PM and I'll get rigth back to you.
I will be dragging some of my Quabbin prints to show. Hope to see some new faces there.