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yawn ...
the same tired arguments that film user user to crap on digital users...
I shoot digital and I haven't "crapped" on my self since I was about one and a half.

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know the history behind photography bla bla bla
Quote for us where I said "know the history behind photography."

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i had a lubitel years ago ( someone gave it to me in 97? )
Nice. Shows your level of interest. I BOUGHT a Lubitel with my own money years before I posted anything about one. It wasn't just some second hand cast off. I bought it AFTER I already owned a series of DSLRS, 35mm camers, L lenses, medium format SLR, camera phones, etc. I didn't buy it from Lomography.com. I bought it off a Russian.

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seeing you are hellbent to disregard anything but "perfection"
We live in strange times if spending <$100 for a used Canon body on ebay and buying a <$100 nifty fifty signifies you are "hellbent to disregard anything but 'perfection.'" I find it amusing that this thread started of with people claiming I was obsessed with Leica and Hasselblad and devolved into people calling someone with a cheap used Canon and a nifty fifty an OBSESSED perfectionist. Who is the intolerant extremist?

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and don't let your equipment be a distraction ...
Well it is a little distracting when the first time you screw in the tripod screw it destroys the brittle plastic on the bottom of the camera. It is distracting when you took out the tripod in the first place because anything less than extremely stopped down is unacceptably blurry. It is distracting when you have to spend a painstaking amount of time counting the turns of a knob necessary to advance each frame because you have to cover up the frame counter when doing IR (number of turns varies as you progress through the roll). It is distracting when you have to rack your brain to remember whether you advanced the film or not because the camera has no indicator to remind you. The number of f'ing blank frames and double exposures was very annoying.

With the Elan 7NE you just pull out the leader so it covers the length of the back of the camera. Then you lay it down and shut the back. You turn on the power and the camera automatically loads the film, reads the DX coding and sets the ISO. Put the little dial on full auto. Now just LOOK at what you want to be in focus and the camera automatically selects that focus point. Half depress the shutter and the focus and exposure are locked in. Fully depress and the memory is captured. Repeat. Now tell me. Do you feel that is more or less distracting and spontaneous? How is this an argument?

I can see an argument for the particular qualities of a specific plastic lens. I can kind of see an argument for particular light leaks. Although a $20 Canon off of ebay can be made to leak for a fraction of the cost of a number lomography.com cameras.