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Okay that's one vote for not caring about the environment. Anyone else?......
Noble, so do you get this mad at Leica or Hassleblad owners? They are just as bad as Lomo folks, they spend way more money on their cameras than they rightfully should, when they can get the same quality out of a Mamiya at a fraction of the price? (Not trying to start a war about this issue it's a point don't detract from it). A Leica made in 1940(or whenever) is not going to have as good a glass as even some 80's canon lenses and an AE-1 but instead of spending $100 they spend $2,000+

Are you mad at them?

And another thing remember that if no one is buying cameras the perception of the business is that no one is buying film, so film will stop being made, at least this is a way to keep film alive a little longer...

I also would never buy a cheap plastic "Diana" when I can play with my Kodak no 1 Autographic and get the same effects (since I haven't fixed the bellows yet). But someone needs to buy, we know where to go to get a goo camera, they don't, and urban outfitters isn't selling used Kodak folders...

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Because public perception drives the market.

And thanks for the answer to the film question, maybe I'll pick some up for fun...(lomo film).

And yes Kodak SHOULD have stopped making CAMERAS in the 1940's as someone said... But film of course they should have continued


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