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It's difficult to accurately quote paragraph upon paragraph of ranting. We're here to discuss what Lomo means, not disparage it. You seem to think that your point can be made with sheer volume. The fact is few here are buying it. The other fact is that it is totally off the topic. You can rant on for another twenty paragraphs, or perhaps you can figure out that the thread isn't called"why I hate Lomo and hit the road if you dont"

Most people could take the hint.
Ok I'll stop arguing with him too, if we all stop responding maybe he won't rant so much (sorry noble, but it is getting a little monotonous... ) You're welcome to contribute to other posts of course, we welcome all film shooters here).

So we have learned that LOMO is a way of thinking about photography per what Stephanie said. And that lomography is the thought process and Lomography is the company.

And that all film processing is probably in some way bad for the environment.

Hmm did I miss anything? Questions answered, nothing more to see here...


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