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I just walked out of our local camera swap with a complete Toyo CX 45 setup in as-new condition. I wasn't planning to jump into larger formats at this time but I couldn't leave it there as the price was extremely low. I'm still kind of in shock, actually.

I am hopeful that I can fumble my way through loading and actually shooting this camera. I think I'll just try processing in my 8x10 printing trays for now, but I'm looking for suggestions for film processing?

Other than trays I also have various Cibachrome/Unicolor/Jobo drums and tanks in various sizes and configurations along with some kind of agitator system that I believe were used for color printing. Could I use that for sheet film?

Otherwise I'd like to know what people would suggest for a simple, efficient way to process black and white 4x5 film at home. If I do any color I'll send it to the lab.

You poor bastard.