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What's funny, is that you can practice "lomography" with any camera.

Sometimes I do it with my Rolleiflex, sometimes I do it with my Hasselblad.

I even do it with my Leica, Nikons, and Pentax 6x7 occasionally. Lomography is simply the overcoming of obsession with technical limitations and theory, and just giving plain old serendipity a chance.

Sometimes I shoot my 6x7 without the lens mounted, just held in front of the mount, so that I can tilt and shift as I please. A shroud of black duct tape is a serviceable enough bellows. That's pretty f*cking lomo, if you ask me.
That's reminded me of my Dad in the 1960's experimenting with his Exakta, extension bellows and various old magnifying glasses
and bits of lenses taped to the front. Some really interesting and different results. He would have been delighted and amused to think that he was an early lomographer!