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I use BTZS tubes for 4x5 processing; they are easy and efficient. Chemical usage is 2-6 oz. of solution, depending on your agitation method. I use 6 oz. total solution, with D-76 at 1:3, so this is 1.5 oz. of stock solution. Pretty economical. I use semi-stand development for agitation.

The tubes are relatively inexpensive, less than $200 for a set. You can process one film at a time if desired, or up to 5 at a time.

The tubes can also be home made using black plumbing pipe. I have not done this, but it seems easy enough.
And if you know someone doing some heavy arc duty welding, the BTZ tubes look a lot like the watertight tubes used to store arc welding rod on job sites.

They doing any pipeline welding in your area?