This is a nice sharp single-coated plasmat with a 72-degree field of view, same as the Apo-Sironar-N or Apo-Symmar (not "L") lines. It covers 5x7 with a little movement. While the trim ring is marked as 190mm, any literature I've seen says this is a 180mm lens. It converts to 300mm by unscrewing the front cell. According to Lynn Jones these lenses are quite sharp from infinity to quite close, maybe 1:2, but I've never used it for closeups. And being f/4.8, this is probably the brightest 180 anywhere (only half a stop, but every little bit helps for focusing in the dark).

The glass is very very good, though not perfect. The white spots you see on the front shot are dust, which is tough to control around here now that it's winter and the air is dry. The shutter sounds about right on all speeds. There's only one factory-original aperture scale, the one that mounts on the front of the shutter, but I made a second one with a sticky label and a technical pen that you can see in the pictures. It's not pretty, but it's accurate and serviceable; if you wanted to waterproof it (to protect the label, the lettering is India ink and won't run) you could put a piece of clear tape over it. Mechanically it's fine with no dents or dings.

There's one minorly annoying idiosyncratic thing about these lenses - the front is not threaded to accept filters. SKG can make you a really nifty slip-on adapter to allow the use screw-on filters. I have one for another lens I own and it's a thing of beauty.

Includes are the retaining ring and the original front cap, but no rear cap.

I just have too many lenses in the 150-210 range.

US$175 plus shipping.