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Neither Paterson nor Jobo refer to type116/70mm for their current reels. So that trick above adds to their compatibility.
Oh man I fail...

If you hadn't said that I wouldn't have gone back wondering what you meant and watched the video again... Or rather THROUGH... I had only watched the beginning, skipped to the middle, and realized he had reversed that end which I hadn't seen the first time...

I actually tried this without the second side at the bottom and it failed so I gave up on that haha I was so close!

Anyway I actually found a 116 reel that is self loading, I had already bought one 116 tank that sucked and would load from center but it was plastic so it was a pain staying in the track. Then found a self loading one.

I'm keeping the other one though bedside it's adjustable and I can do 110 in it I think.. At least I can do advantix for sure.. Though I'm sure it will be a PITA lol

Thanks polyglot


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