My experience/suggestion with shipping to Canada.

UPS experience is probably right on par for how they do things. I'll remember. I think we all on this list will remember the experience.

FedEx screwed me up royally by giving me wrong customs advice for Ground to Canada service and insisting upon what they told me when I pointed out flaws. 4 months later I did get it back at who knows what expense...they can't tell me what they charge me as a credit card acct.; I only find out later thru my credit card.
I learned that Fed Ex Ground requires pre-arranged customs clearance, but for some other level of service they do their own clearing. Bad experience; I'll remember.

USPS; not the cheapest way to go domestically, but actually cheaper to many countries. I fill out a simple customs form and have never had any problems yet.

So, next go-round, I'd suggest USPS and have the recipient research if there is any 'sensitive' or 'insensitive' wording for aged photographic equipment to ease its passage.

Lastly, for postal deliveries to Canada, part of their stepped up security adamantly requires both first and last names on the package for sender and recipient; they almost guaranteed to reject things with a last name only or 1st initial and last name.