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Hi all,

I'm going to be investing a bit of cash in a tripod for a large format camera when do indeed get one, I will be shooting a 'small' large format size ie 5x4 so nothing massively heavy but of course I would need a stable base as I might need to do long exposures on some of the experimental processes I might try and use in camera.

This will be my first proper tripod, I won't really need to mount anything heavier than a 5x4 field camera so I don't need to go super high end otherwise I might as well just gaffa tape it to a large rock lol

Anyway, what tripod are you using or would recommend me looking at - should I buy legs and a head separate or should I get one with both parts together? My budget would be at around the 150-200 mark as its something I want to put a bit of cash into, but the more I spend on it, the less I have to spend on film etc ie I could get a 1,000 tripod that's amazing, but then can't afford anything else lol
Spend about 70 to 100 USD on a used Tiltall, the Leitz or Marchioni production. Do not buy the current Chinese garbage version. No other tripod will do any better job of holding your camera up.