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And the film was definitely not available in some major markets for quite some time. And now it is available again.
True for continental Europe as far as I know. Fortunately I had enough stock to bridge the gap.

It's my favourite film and I'm sooo happy to see its return. Less happy with the pricing (paid 3.80 euros in June 2011 vs. 5.60 euros today), but I won't complain about that, unless I should want to complain about the world economy as a whole- rather a pointless act.

Thanks a lot to you Henning for providing us with so much accurate information on this and on other subjects. In the absence of manufacturers letting us know what they're up to (talking Fuji and Kodak, not Ilford, obviously), people in the know like you are a joy to have around.

Will you apply for a job at Fuji's film division and bring us back Neopan 400-120?