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I think that it's best to leave options open, so I usually attempt to insure I have enough shadow information and avoid blocked up highlights in the negatives. It makes things easier come printing time, and I use printing technique to 'hide' content. It's much easier to 'hide' details that are present in a negative, than to try to reveal something that isn't there.
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Totally depends on the subject matter and one's personal aesthetic/preferences. No rules.
These fellows have summed up my thoughts pretty well. Whatever the print and printer demand...

I try to make average negatives that give me lots of options in the darkroom. It's easy to burn down shadows...

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But with such 'underexposure' of the negative the highlights usually benefit through better separation, as they are not so far up the exposure curve and into the more contracted 'shoulder' area. - David Lyga

Although you make a good point here.