I've agreed to hold the FE for Stephanie, but thanks much for the note. If you were here in Dallas, I'd give you several bottles of scotch for free. Some of it must be 40 years old by now. It belonged to my late father and I just found it in a piece of furniture owned by my late mother. Doesn't really appeal to me as I'm more of a cold beer kind of guy. Anyway, there's most of a bottle of Swing, an unopened bottle of Aberlour (I think from the 1980s). Looks like somebody tried to open it...the cork is broken off at the top. That must have been disappointing. A bottle of J&B and some other stuff I can't remember. A fellow I used to work with has agreed to take it, but we've been having trouble getting together.

Dallas (and Texas in general) is often a surprise to people who study demography or Texas history (which reads more like a novel than a textbook). You'd expect Mexicans, and you'd be right. You might not expect as many Germans, Asians, Czechs, Swedes, Poles, French, Russians, Greeks, Dutch and Africans as are here. And after Germany decided in the 1800s to force the Wends to speak German and adopt German names, they rebelled and came...that's right...to Texas of all places. Texas, home to the Wends and for all I know maybe the start of the Lutheran faith movement in this country. At any rate home to St Paul's Church in Serbin...one of the oldest churches in America in continual use since it was built as I understand. Possibly the place has been successful because they serve Farmer's Brand Garlic Peanuts at communion. I've tried to get our church to do that, but they just sort of look down at their feet when I mention it. Kind of like the time I suggested we use Pernod instead of grape juice. You know that weak grin and vacant eye look that says "I don't understand at all but I'm too hard-headed to ask questions." Pernod may be sort of a forgotten drink. Like cherry sloe gin. And please don't ask because I have no idea why that popped out of the sludge trap I loosely refer to as my brain. One of these days I may look for a bottle of that. But not today.