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Mr BMbikerider, sorry I missed your thread, or, as a user of Tetenal E6 kit with Jobo processor, I would have reacted earlier.
We discussed rather extensively the inconsistancy problem of First developer Time with Tetenal 3 bath kit in the past, an interesting thread is here :

Read in particular the third page, where I made a little test using 6:30 and 7:30 times for First Developer with Provia 100F.
My conclusion was in the opposite of what I believed first: don't use extended time for Fuji films !

One can say that the difference is rather narrow, but I my conclusion is that the "pro"-line of Fuji film is rather forgiving concerning an extra minute of development.
Things are different when processing "consumer-grade" film like Sensia 200 : I learned it the hard way when I got blown highlight and a green cast on Sensia processed 7:30 in FD.

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