Hi everyone,

I am looking for a rangefinder for street photography and I don't have a large budget.

I have inherited a Yashica Minister D but I am pretty disappointed trying to use it quickly on the street, partly because the meter is a bit of a pain (it is not visible in the viewfinder), but mostly because of how the exposure works. I would like to be able to walk around at a given aperture, zone focused ahead of time, and adjust my shutter speed on the fly to get correct exposure. The Minister D seems designed to prevent this since changing the EV ring alters the aperture while retaining the current shutter speed. So to adjust for exposure you need to move the EV ring, then move the coupled shutter speed/aperture combination back to the aperture you want. It is very cumbersome and not the way I would like to operate.

I am wondering if you guys could suggest some relatively inexpensive alternatives? Ideally I want a fixed lens rangefinder with full manual exposure and a meter displayed in the viewfinder. I believe a Ricoh 500G fits the bill - anything else I should look for? It does not have to be super compact like a Ricoh.

Alternatively, is there some way to uncouple the aperture and shutter speed rings on a Minister D?