I missed where you indicated what your shooting intentions are. I think you'll find two disparate recommendations: from those who are gear obsessed – wanting the most beautiful, stable, and elegant legs around (not that there's anything wrong with that), and those who have to live with their choice for their particular needs. Form vs. function. And then there is the head, pan vs. ball, one excelling at ease of use and the other at ease of transport. Don't listen to anyone tell you that a good ball head cannot be used for LF cameras. Many of us do fine with balls. If you can get what you need as a set and save some money, more power to you. Likely as not, you'll have to use a set for a while to get a feeling for what works best.

As for me, I use a Mountaineer Series Gitzo and Acratech ball head with my view camera, which is quite a bit larger than yours. My needs are stability, light weight, portability, and versatility, in that order. Once the camera is stable, it is stable, and weight can always be added to the tripod, or the legs "sandbagged" if additional stability is required. My biggest enemy is wind blowing into that sail of a bellows. I might look to the Feisols for a replacement, when that time comes, but the Acratech balls, in their many current incarnations, are pretty hard to beat if you're so inclined.

That said, if I were shooting in studio, I would probably covet the most vigorous, polished wood, headless piece of manliness I could source.