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A few years ago I bought a few liters of formalin from a supplier on eBay with "free shipping" on orders over X. And it was fairly inexpensive.

When it arrived I noticed they did not declare or pay the HazMat fees. Just a plain brown box. But the onus is on the shipper.

Now, given that you're in Australia and I'm in the US this may very well be useless info. But just in case someone else looks, maybe they're still shipping.
Some shippers do that, the problem is Hazmat (actually dangerous goods is the proper term often shortened in the industry to DG) fees exist, because DGs should not be sent sent through sorting machines, some of those sorting machines are 5 storeys high, and stuff has been known to fall off the belt at the top.... Of course a spill, means the entire line needs to be shutdown and cleanup done, by a professional DG team. This can take hours and the costs to shutdown a sort line that deals with 100,000 pieces/hour can cost millions in overtime and other costs. This cleanup bill is kindly provided to the company who was too cheap to pay the DG fee.

When DG shipments are declared, the marked items are sorted by hand, this costs money, and that's why there are hazmat fees.

Many carriers do not ship DGs internationally, because there is extra paperwork involved and the shipper is responsible for making sure that an international shipment DG response team is available if there is a spill.