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Here's my limited practical experience with cold, down to about 0f. No problems with bellows or camera mechanics, aside from cold fingers. No obvious problems with shutters, though most of my exposures are long or bulb.

Problems that I have had are fog on the gg and lens elements, and static. No lightning bolts, rather an affinity for every free particle to attach to various things including film and dark slides. Also dropping things in snow can be a royal pain.

All in all I have found it doable, if even more meticuloudly plodding than normal LF.

Here's my favorite acronym that I say to myself:


Focus- image focused and camera locked

Aperture- aperture set

Shutter- shutter closed

Tach- shutter speed set and cocked.

Only after my FAST check is complete do I pull the slide. This stupid little thing has saved me a lot of blown sheets.

Ask me later how to go out and shoot empty holders all day.
I like what you posted, I have done a variation of that:

Focus- image focused and camera locked

Aperture- aperture set

Dark Slide - Pull the dark slide

Shutter - Crank to a narrower slit

Swear - Swear and repeat the process.