Andy, I'm confident the Coastal Pigface images will be the best I can manage with Velvia. Boots will have done the scene on the 8x10, but not sure if it was in colour of B&W. I credit him with stumbling upon the quite lively outcrop of Pigface blending in with native grass. But RVP was arguably not the best choice for the Pinnacles shots; I mulled a few times about sacrificing 5 frames of Velvia and loading ACROS in, but persisted and wandered about photographing draping Pigface on the rock ledges and studies featuring the lichen-encrusted boulders with the smaller Pinnacles rising boldly behind — a scene that bore a startling similarity to the rocky coastline of Eddystone Point on the NE coast of Tasmania. Other than these explicit applications suitable for colour, it was a location best suited for mono work in those prevailing conditions (but not always!), which is what I'm keeping in mind for the next visit, though ready to switch back to Velvia for that magical time before, during and after sunset.

For now, I'm heading back into the myrtle glooms of the Otways rainforests to revisit Wild Dog Falls on Sunday.