Sounds reasonable on the Jobo; my guess is they might be considering moulding (and then warehousing) a batch of new spirals once the CPP3 starts selling, they're probably flat-out working on CPP3 stuff right now. Being that their quantities are so small (and therefore the staffing levels would be low), I assume they're just producing batches of one part at a time unless it's outsourced to China.

Hewes tanks I've not seen for sale but the price on SS spirals seems to be about $85 and $115 for 3m and 5m respectively - they're available in the US from non destructive testing outlets that use 70mm film for xraying.

One can also buy rugged $10 plastic spirals from the same NDT places but they're 3m (maybe 10') and 13'; there are no cheap 15' options. I'm going to try getting a couple of 13' reels and maybe figure out a tank for them.