Any of the Olympus rangefinders. I have them all and love the results. Olympus really made some fine lenses in the 60's and 70's for their small rangefinders. I'm particularly fond of the 35 RC. You give up one stop on lens speed but is still plenty fast (2.8). For that you get a smaller and simpler camera. The quality of image is first rate. When I shot Lieca, I couldn't see any advantage are superiority in the Leica images. (One reason I sold my M3 and accompanying lenses). I take that back. The Oly'a do not handle flare well. The RC also has an shutter priority meter, which many fans preferable for street photography, is super fast and easy to load, and a consistently get 38 exposures per roll. ISO setting upto 800 should be able to pick one up for$50 or less. I got mine for $5 from the local camera shop.

If you want fast and auto and awesome the Nikon F100 is a dream when coupled with the 35mm f1.4.