Hi Chemists! Maybe you can help with this.

Today on the discard pile at work I found a 4 oz., sealed bottle of Fisher branded Stannous Chloride dihydrate. Since I know that SnCl2 can be used for reduction sensitization and as a foggant for E-6 processing, I grabbed it. From the looks of the bottle I would say it is from the 60s or 70s, but it was sealed until I opened it.

Now looking up online, it appears that to make a solution of SnCl2 it can be dissolved in 1M HCl. So I went ahead and made 100ml of a 1M HCl (ok, muriatic acid from Lowes) solution and tried dissolving 0.5 g SnCl2. Rather than dissolving a white precipitate seems to form: looks like a fine powder suspended in the liquid. And advice on getting the stuff to dissolve or is this normal? I have it heating a bit now but that doesn't appear to be helping.

Maybe the stuff is too old and no good anymore. IDK why they would have had the stuff. We're having a clean out event at work and guess they didn't know either so they tossed it.

-- Jason