Well, you can use a bit of Zen visualization here. I have successfully developed 2 rolls of 120 BW. I am just beginning to develop my own negatives because I don't feel like being held hostage by some pro labs in Cal. And taking weeks for the turn around time and $25 per roll developed and scanned. I am free, finally. Anyway, still waiting for my Canon 9000f scanner to show up in order to scan my negatives. My first try took me 15 min +. My second roll was a lot easier. I also practice with an used roll in my room with light on but with my eyes closed. I use my bathroom as my darkroom. Just cover the window. Then, I put a large blanket over my head and sitting down on the bathroom floor. I put the reel (paterson system) on top of the tank so that it won't roll around on the floor. Once the film has been unwrapped, I used 2 fingers on each corner of the film lead. Then, I slowly guide it to the reel. I make sure each corner is successfully passing through slot. I don't rush because there is no point. You either get it to load correctly or you give up and ruining your film. I may need to try few times but would eventually get the film to pass through the ball bearing. The rest is just easy.