Im building a Nikon kit.

I'm starting with Nikon F, 28mm f2.0, 58mm f1.4, and 105mm f2.5 non-ai.

What's a good affordable 20mm and telephoto (180mm/200mm)


I hear varying opinions, opticially are all of teh f3.5/f4.0 lenses comparable? I'm interested in this speed because it is affordable. I'd like one to be decent close up and at long distances. I hear mixed reports between the original 72mm filter threaded ones and the later 52mm filter threaded ones. I know slrs vs rfs are apples and orange comparisons but I'm even thinking of skipping this focal lenght and just getting a skopar. I'm mostly interested in mid to small aperture performance.

180mm vs 200mm

I'd go with the non-ED 180mm f2.8. Well the 180mm f2.8 is supposed to be legendary but it takes larger filter threads. The 200mm is supposed to be easier to carry, I think. Both are very affordabe so the cost is not so much of an issue. I don't really need the speed but the 180mm f2.8 would be brighter and easier to focus.