The other day I developed a roll of acros 120 for the first time. The negatives came out fine and it seems to be true that this film retains detail even in strong highlights. I also noticed a nice tone in pure blue sky that I wasn't expecting and didn't know about. I used HC-110E ( "Ilford agitation", 4 inversions at the beginning of each minute), followed by stop bath for a minute or so, followed by Ilford rapid fix for 4 minutes ( also using "Ilford agitation" ), followed by "Ilford" wash method but with 10, 20 and 40 inversions. Finally I soaked it in photoflo for 5 minutes or so while I ran the hot shower and generally got the shower stall ready to hang the film.

With Tri-X, my only other experience with 120 film, the antihalation dye comes out in the developer. This time, the developer, stop, fix and washes all came out clear, but the photoflo step turned purple. My question isn't important, but I'm curious why the dye was not washed off in all the prior steps, but came out in the final wash? Doesn't that seem sort of odd? I was surprised to see the purple tint around the film at that point and was happy that the negatives are clear!