I use a Nikon F (and an F3) and have the Nikkor 20-mm f3.5 UD, It was ai'd when I bought it used about twelve years ago. I use it fairly often and have no complaints about the image quality, and it is very-well constructed, although heavy. I am a cheap-skate so wouldn't have spent a lot on it, maybe $150. The 72-mm filter size is a little inconvenient, but what I saved on this lens went towards a small set of 72-mm filters that I ended up needing for other lenses anyway.

Here is a link to some information on it: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography...des/20mmud.htm

Although a minor issue, I try to standardize on lens speed (2.8), so I don't have to change the maximum aperture setting on the F. Many Nikkor's are at f2.8, and they are usually not the most expensive versions within a wide range of focal lengths. If you are mainly interested in mid-to small aperture performance, f2.8 lenses may be good enough. I don't get too concerned about comparing lens resolutions -- as the saying goes, the best lens is a tripod.

I have no experience with the other lenses.

Have fun!