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This is such a matter of personal taste and intent. For me, I make distinctions between important shadows and not so important shadows as not all shadows are created equal, the term "shadows" is thrown around as if they are all the same. Plainly put, areas of full black are important to my prints, they provide depth, but slightly textured and fully textured shadows are just as important to my aesthetic.
I do agree, that personal taste and intent are the deciding factors.

But I believe that David expresses a feeling that many of us feel. Guilt.

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Yes, thank you all for liberating me and refusing to allow me to suffer guilt in the process.

It's true that you can have shadow detail in the negative but find that leaving it out of the print (because of the need for more contrast, perhaps) can make for a better print with far more impact. Viscerally, it SEEMS to be 'wasting' information but, with much print viewing, I agree that sometimes 'less is more'. Yes, to reiterate, the highlight contrast sometimes 'tells' the story better than anything else can, through its 'boldness' and (really) beauty. Much learned and confirmed here. - David Lyga