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I presume this is a U.S gallon which is 3.78 litres so in GBP that is about £11.50 per litre. What great value. The cheapest I have ever seen this in the U.K. is about £16 per litre

We in the U.K. have been here before in other threads about prices but how privileged you are in the U.S. to have these prices.

Here in Brazil we don't have diafine, microdol, rodinal, id11, just d76. 20 dollars 1 liter or 40 dollars 1 gallon... Trix 35mm 15 dollars, fuji acros 7 dollars.
An 5d mark II would cost 7500 dollars.
Now we buy everything on ebay from america an pay 60% at customs. Still a good deal.

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