Ferrania is now mainly a manufacturer of solar panels.
They probably were a bit behind Kodak and Fuji but having a palette of their own some people preferred them on taste ground.
I think they have always suffered from bad distribution, even in Italy.
In the eighties they produced some record setting films for sensitivity, e.g. a slide film for tungsten light at ASA 640 and IIRC later another one for daylight at ASA 1000.

Konica-Minolta sold their photography business to Sony, which rebranded it "Sony", and their light-meter business to Kenko, which rebranded it "Kenko". There is no solution of continuity between Minolta and Sony. Minolta photographic business is alive and well, under another name.

The perception might have been due to the fact that most printers used Kodak paper and I suppose that the best results from one negative are obtained when using paper and film of the same manufacturer (which presumably "matches" paper to film). Besides, Kodak made a huge amount of advertisements in the eighties even on TV while Agfa or 3M - Ferrania barely bought a page on some photographic magazines.