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Interesting aspect. However, the marketshare of Orwo films was small. More important, Orwo films were sold in West-Germany rebranded. The warning you got would not cover those films. I don't know of Orwo films sold by West-German retailers being processed in East-Germany.
It would have taken some effort by an intelligence service to spy fruitfully by this means. And there better alternatives.

As we are speaking about intelligence: in the 50's a US photographic company spied, aided by US authorities, on a West-German competitor.
US authorities, and naturally not only them, have always being suspected of practicing industrial spying against their "allies", exploiting the copious amount of information they can gather from their formerly extensive presence in Europe and Japan.

The "ECHELON" interception system is another notorious suspect of industrial spying. This is a system put in place by the US and several English-speaking allies throughout the planet (in particular UK and Australia). It officially only exists with the purpose of counter-terrorism or whatever, it goes without saying, and suspecting some different purpose can be reduced to a "conspiracy theory", it goes without saying.