Hello. My first post here. I just bought a Rolleicord V from a seemingly reputable seller on eBay for $244. It's in very good cosmetic shape and the taking lens is very clean. However, there were some undisclosed problems. The shutter appears to work fine on all the higher speeds, but the speeds at 1/15 and below either get stuck with the shutter completely open, or it partially closes. I got a quote from Mark Hama for $165 to have a full CLA done. Have I already paid too much into this camera to make that worthwhile? I'm still within a return period. Or if I can get a good chunk of the CLA paid for in a partial refund would that make it worthwhile? I thought $240 was a good deal based on the general eBay history of this camera, but I'm not so sure I can stomach another $165 unless it still seems like a good overall value. Any advice would be most appreciated.