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I will be going with the standard screw mount rather than any of those 'quick release' or 'quicksnap' fittings, I will have the 1 main large format camera that I will be using, its not like I have a car full of large format cameras to need to quickly swap between them - its a bit odd that they are out there for large format as you can quickly get the camera mounted up to then take your time with the shot lol
I have no doubt that your choice will work well for you, and may be stabler than that of others. I also always travel with just one camera, yet I find the QR plate on the Acratech ballhead valuable. In a day of hiking, I would set the camera up a good few times, often in tighter places, sometimes on exposed rock ledges, where rotating it, or the tripod, to screw it on, would not be as comfortable as just sliding it into the QR plate, as the camera is a slightly bulky. If I had to, I could always remove the ballhead to access the central screw, right on location, but I have never found a need to do that. Looking at my enlargements, I cannot see that the plate is causing any detrimental effects, but I understand your conditions could be different from mine.

For reference, the tripod is a 12-year old Gitzo G1227 Mk II, a 3-section, central column, carbon mountaineer, with a hook for weighing it down with my equipment backpack, which I rarely do. It is a bit beaten by now, and still works like new. The head is a recent Acratech GP. Some photographers remarked how "lightweight" my set-up looked to them—I relish that light weight every time I go hiking or climbing for a few days, long may it last... Having said that, I have been in a very few situations where a heavier set-up would have been more appropriate, but I would not have carried it there in the first place.