I am sort of on the same track. My dad shot all sorts of occasions from 1953 to about 1978 on a double 8 8mm movie camera, always on daylight balanced Kodachrome.
I spliced the movie rolls together onto themed reels many years ago as a teen - holidays, christmas, birthdays, etc.

I kept all of the the unique differnt box variations the product was packaged as.

Presently they are laying cut apart (stored much easier over the interventing years), and flattened out on the copy camera base board. My thought was to use then as subject matter as I fine tune my 100' of slide dupe film, to tweak the process for copy material which will have a reduced contrast range typically than that of a slide.

In the mean time they lay there. It has been for less than a month, so perhaps the project will come together over the Christmas holidays.