I'm a brand new member who has just recently started shooting film after a 15 year break. I recently got a Rolleicord V to complement my DSLR and am really enjoying it. After a few rolls I decided to go "all in" and start developing my own film. I have gone through 3 rolls so far and love it. I feel much more connected to the whole process when I develop the film myself.

I'm still experimenting with what film I enjoy using the most. So far I've used Acros 100, HP5+ and Delta 400. I think that my preference is for the HP5 at this point but I'm so new to it that I could be wrong about that. I'm currently using Ilfosol 3 as the developer, which seems to give good results with the Acros and HP5. Results with the Delta 400 were a little confusing though. The negatives came out well sharpness and exposure-wise but they had a slightly brown shading to them. Is this normal for the film, or is it a result of the developing process? I used the Ilfosol at 1+9 for 7 minutes.

Assuming I stick with the Acros, HP5 & Delta what other developers might I consider that would work well with all 3 films?

Any suggestions or feedback would be most appreciated!