The prices on Rolleicords have risen sharply over the years. Sounds like you paid a decent price for an old camera, but you certainly didn't get a bargain. Prices to overhaul vary. That is on the high side, but not out-of-the-question. If you shop around for a bargain repairman you'll likely find one or two -- like Flutots, and Hansen, and Ebell. For $165 from a Rollei expert you'll likely get more than just the shutter flushed, but checking of the focus mechanism too. Having faced such a quandry (it always is a question when buying old cameras to use) I can tell you that a old but decent Rolleicord that has been properly overhauled will serve you well for a decade or more. A old but decent Rolleicord with no servicing or poor servicing will be an unreliable camera to work with. Your choice.