Hi there,
I am about to start testing some film and developer combos that are not "recommended" and I can't seem to find info on. Which is fine by me, as I am trying to experiment to find something interesting...

However, I was wondering how I should develop a system to test with? What time, agitation cycle, temp should I start with? Should I bracket my exposures, and would that help me figure out how to develop my next batch? Is there a standardized or tried and true system used to test film and developers?

So, here's an example of a combo I would like to try:
Tri-X with FX-1
So far I have only found details on using FX-1 with Fortepan 200: ASA 250, Stock dilution, 18 mins, 20 degrees, agitate 10 secs per 2 mins.
Should I just use this info as a starting point?