Ensure the lens is capable of edge to edge sharp images. Focus calibration is not an issue. Miss-aligned lens elements or de-cementing elements is. Same with scratches and coating marks. If the unit is in top shape and simply the lubricants need replacement, keep it. Yes you could save $50-100 if you keep shopping and get lucky, but you could also pay $300 for a unit the works for 3 months and then fails because the CLA was done using the wrong lubricant. If the shutter, focus and rewind mechanisms are is as good shape as exterior, keep it. If you suspect the unit has lens or mechanical ware/damage return it.

I bought an Autocord in top shape for $200 and all was working. Still I changed the cover and payed for a CLA and a new focus-screen. I think I put about $500 in all, perhaps more if I add the filters and hood.