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Hello Simon,

in the cross section picture there is (under the overcoat) on top the (I quote) "Fast Emulsion Layer, Tabular Grains".
And under this layer the "Slow Emulsion Layer, 3 Dimensional Grains".

The next page (9) there is also a cross section picture of Tri-X: And the 3 Dimensional Grains in the layers there look similar in shape compared to the 3D Grains in the TMY-2.

So both from the text in the book, and both cross section pictures it looks like TMY-2 has both traditional and T-Grain crystals.
Maybe Robert and Ron can help us here, I will ask them.

Best regards,
Hello Simon,

the question concerning TMY-2 is answered by Robert Shanebrook. His reply to my question (Robert, thanks a lot for your quick reply!):

"In 2007 Kodak made a change in TMY and designated it as TMY-2. The change was to replace the 3D layer with a t-grain layer. So Simon is correct that Kodak TMY-2 is all T-grain now.

I don't know for sure but I expect there are still some color negative films with 3Ds and T-grains. "

O.k., so now we know the source of the confusion: I thought the cross section picture in his book is the current T-Max 400 (TMY-2), but it is indeed the former TMY. Very good to know.

That explains the finer grain and higher resolution of TMY-2 compared to TMY, as well.

Thank you and Robert,
and best regards,