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I think you are way, way, way too paranoid about the possibility of a drop or two of a highly diluted, relatively safe chemical possibly coming into contact with dirty laundry or dirty dishes. If I was that paranoid about developer coming into contact with my dirty laundry, I would have to burn my clothes every time I walked out of the darkroom (after all, what else could I do with them?) As for the dishes, I'm far more concerned with what companies are putting IN the food I eat, than the remote possibility that 1 or two molecules of Metol might somehow make it through the dishwasher and contaminate my mashed potatoes.

What I meant about 120 film is that Tri-X is a major pain in the you-know-what to get onto reels. Ilford film tends to be much less curly and I find it very easy to load. I will have to try some Jobo's; I use Patterson.
Probably, I tend to be overly cautious mostly because I don't know how little can affect you.

But yea try the JOBO reels they really are amazingly better than the Patterson, if you DON'T like them I'll trade with you, I have a bunch of Patterson and I want them all gone... Lol

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The developer adds flavor to the coffee, right? You should try it on breakfast cereal!
Oi! Haha


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