With patience you can do much better. Personally I'd never pay this much for a Rolleicord unless it was truly mint perfect aesthetically and/or at least had a recent documented CLA. Slow speeds off is not good.

If you are not patient and need or want it now negotiate some discount and get the CLA done but only if you're sure you'll keep it for a while because that's a lot of money invested into a Rolleicord.

Otherwise wait and be patient. I've gotten two Rolleiflexes for $139 and $150 this way. Yes needed work and were once (twice?) in a blue moon but they come up. After CLA's have have two awesome Rolleiflex cameras (3.5E3 Xenotar and 2.8C Planar) for less than what you're paying for a 'cord. I've found decent Rolleicords for $50-70.

And lastly, stay away from eBay. Lately things seem overpriced while the descriptions from buyers are getting less and less accurate. Watch here and other camera forums and lists.